The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs



By James Churchill, 198 pages

Churchill covers the tanning of many
different types of animals, using many different methods. This is the good and
the bad of this book. No other tanning book I know of contains so much varied
information, and for this reason its a good one to have.  However, the
techniques are not covered in much detail so it is challenging for the beginning
tanner to be successful using these instructions alone, and the methods are
mostly chemical tanning oriented.

Types of skins include squirrel, raccoon, muskrat, weasel, skunk, mink,
rabbit, deer, moose, elk, fox, coyote, otter, fisher, beaver, bear, sheep, goat,
calf, pig, horse, cow, alligator, fish, snake, frog, lizard and birds. Tanning
methods include chrome tanning, acid tanning, alum tawing, brain tanning (not
very well), and vegetable tanning.

I recommend this as a general reference to help you get a better
understanding of different furs and various ways of approaching them. There
is simply no more thorough book on the tanning of furs available.
does include recipes and instructions for each project, I just wish there were
more detail.



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