How to Brain Tan a Buffalo Hide - DVD



A DVD by Wes Housler · 60 minutes

  • The only complete guide to buffalo tanning we know of
  • Very well done, good attention to detail and complete
  • You should have a few deer under your belt before attempting a buffalo

Wes Housler has braintanned over 500 hair-on buffalo robes! (That’s a lot). I’d never bought a video in my life (cause we’d never had a TV), but when you are taking on a project as big as a buffalo and someone has done 500 of them, you listen. Wes takes you step by step through the entire process. He does it well and it makes a lot of sense. If you ever want to do a buffalo get this DVD…and once you’ve wrapped up in one, you might start wondering if native peoples really had it so bad.


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Not for beginners, but…
Reviewed By: Billy Metcalf
from Grand Forks, B.C. Canada
     April 5,

As someone with a good deal of experience braintanning deer, this video had a
lot to offer me in terms of how to go about handling a whole buffalo hide with
the hair on. I’ve often marveled at the image of Native women working these huge
heavy hides into beautiful robes. Wes gives a us a good view at how it could
have been done and how we can do it today.

I wouldn’t suggest that an inexperienced tanner tackle this project with only
this video to go on though. Wes shows us all the steps but assumes a certain
amount of knowledge on the part of the viewer. The Elk horn scraper is an important part of his process, and having one of
high quality is critical. His use of bone marrow grease was a new revelation to

If you’ve done braintanning before, your familiar with the steps involved
with tanning deer and elk, and your ready to try tanning a buffalo robe, by all
means this video is essential.

Excellent Information
Reviewed By: John Shaffer
from Rochester, Minnesota
     October 12, 2006

I’m new to tanning, but like a sponge, I’m absorbing all of the information I can.
This video is a bit primative in production, but full of great information and techniques
for brain tanning a buffalo hide. I would have like better sound quality and editing, but
all in all, an excellent resource. The next best thing to standing around with Wes for a
couple of weeks and watching him work.

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