The Ancient Art of Braintanning


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By Steven Edholm & Tamara Wilder, 308 pages, many photos and illustrations 

Excellent general resource

  • Museum quality illustrations
  • Information that is not available anywhere else
  • How-to is buried in text
  • Wet-scrape method (how to do multiple brainings efficiently)

This is an encyclopedic information source for brain-tanning. Its only weak-point is that the basics of ‘how-to tan a hide’ are buried in all of the information, which some beginner’s find confusing. Their approach is to give you a general knowledge of each step and then let you choose how to go about it. It is very rich in how-to information, and recommended for any tanner’s library . The best illustrations, bibliography, dyeing chapter, trouble-shooting, tool sharpening, and glossary of any tanning book. Good chapter on garment construction and a user’s guide to the various brain-tanning methods. Packaged with a steady flow of primitive post-industrial humor.

This book was previously titled “Wetscrape Braintan Buckskin”.


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Reviewed By: Honza Gritzbach from Brno,
Czech Republic, Europe
     March 8, 2001

Hi from Europe. I have bought this book about one moth ago as my introduction to
brain tanning. My comment? Great! Really. You will get a lot of information
explained in very clear and easy to understand form, but in addition (and what I
appreciate very much) a lot of text is real fun. In addition – a lot of
information, a lot of pictures a lot of explanation. I am looking forward for
better weather and my first skin experience will begin. Thank you Steven and
Tamara for this perfect book. I am not an experienced tanner so I can not
comment if all facts in this book are exactly OK or not, but from my point of
view I can recommend it to anybody interested in this “art”.

Reviewed By: Vaughn Terpack
still from South Carolina
     March 5

I heard this book was coming out when Darry Wood called me one morning. He
said it was out and I hung up the phone, cut a check and had it in the mail to
Steve and Tamara by noon. The writing was on the wall about this book and I just
couldn’t wait for it to show up.

I wasn’t disappointed.

If you think you can get by without this book, you’re right. You absolutely
do not need it to be a good and proficient tanner. But if that was all there is
to the equation, you could have stopped with those few dollars you spent on the
McPherson booklet you found at some tourist trap!

To live should be to thrive. As a tanner, you simply cannot thrive without a
personally autographed copy of this book on a shelf in your house. If you don’t
have it, best pray that I don’t find out or I will stop by just to give you the
slap upside your head you so richly deserve.

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