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Buffalo Robes, Hides and Rugs
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Brain Tan Deer, Elk & Antelope

Smoke Tanned Moose
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Learn to Tan Your Hide

Since 1989
Learning From the Past to Build the Future

Our mission is to help accelerate the world's transition to clean, natural leather tanning

Our roots are in brain tanning and we continue to provide finished brain tanned hides to individuals, tribes, museums and the film industry. We specialize in buffalo robes, as well as buckskin made out of deer, elk, moose and antelope. None of these animals are harvested for their hides...instead their hides are a by-product, and often go to waste.
We work to re-popularize traditional, natural tanning methods that use plant tannins, woodsmoke, alum, and natural oils to help accelerate the tanning industry's transition away from chrome and other toxic chemicals. More Superfund sites are old tanneries than any other industry, even nuclear. We were certified organic in 2007.
We provide instructional guides, tools, classes and online articles so that home tanners can learn these methods. We also work with established tanneries to help them transition.