The Ancient Art of Tanning Buckskin Video



This is easily the best video on the dryscrape method of braintanning, and probably the best braintanning video available period. If you are interested in learning the dryscrape method, this video is well worth the investment.

Earthworm has taught many hundreds of tanners throughout his 25 year tanning career, and that experience shows in the video. He is so good at showing you every little detail that you need to know to dryscrape a hide, and repeating key points so that they are driven deep into your brain. Earthworm is also a master at keeping things simple, yet telling you all that you need to know. He takes you step by step from skinning to finished, smoked buckskin.

This video is professionally produced and that quality also shows in the camera-man’s ability to get good lighting and key close-ups that allow you to see the grain coming off and the salt and pepper of the hair roots that you need to remove.

The one addition this video could really use would be a good tool sharpening lesson. A sharp tool is the key to dryscraping, and few people really know how to hone an edge as good as they should. Even Earthworm seems to use a duller tool than some folks I’ve watched recently, like Mac Maness. Mac’s tool is so razor sharp that he can just gracefully shave that grain off the hide, rather than using so much brute strength and pressure (that is more likely to create a hole).

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