While you can get away with quite a bit wet scraping; having the right tool makes a huge difference when dry scraping. You need a tool that will hold an extremely sharp edge and is comfortable to use. These dry scrapers were designed by the very skilled tanner and toolsmith Darry Wood, and they are without a doubt the best we’ve ever laid our hands on. The high quality steel blades hold that super keen edge you need for pleasurable, efficient scraping. The full 2.5 lb weight helps this tool do a lot of the work for you…and because of the weight, this tool costs us, and you a bit extra to ship.


Use: Primarily used in the dry scrape method of tanning buckskin, and for thinning Buffalo hides to prepare them for robes.

Specs: The blade is oil-quenched tool steel tempered to a Rockwell hardness of about c-58. The blade is joined (using 1/4″ fine-threaded machine bolts) to a 5/16″ thick cold finish steel core, which in turn is set in a hand-planed wood handle and fixed with brass screws. The handle stock is mostly Douglas Fir or Oak.

Cons: Because this is made with high-carbon tool steel, it is susceptible to rust if allowed to get and stay wet. So you need to take some basic care of it.


Bottom Line: Dryscraping with this tool is an entirely different experience than dryscraping with what I used to use….it is 100% easier, faster and smoother. If you think you are going to be doing more than one or two dry scraped buckskins, or if you plan to do any buffalo hides, this tool is well worth the price.

Note: All blades are sold extremely sharp and ready to be used! Please use and store safely.

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Dry Scraper is a GREAT tool
Reviewed By: Dixie Lee Foster, aka MANY QUILLS
from Wisconsin Dells- Wisconsin
     March 5

I just got done dry scraping a hide with the new scraper I got from you folks, this afternoon. I have to say it is really a quality tool- something I could see before using it, just by looking at it. I had not however tried it until this afternoon and I have to say I’m really pleased. Didn’t have to sharpen it at all thru the whole hide- probably about a 12 sq footer. Usually using my other tools I have to sharpen several times- and I have several tools and they all get used. Not so for this hide I used the new tool for the whole hide and it worked great.

The weight of the tool made it so most of the epidermis went with the first swipe- did not have to go back much to remove
epidermis that was missed. Also the tool feels good in your hands to use and doesn’t cause chatter like a lighter weight tool does. I think I can safely say using this tool will save time, energy and some cussin !! 🙂 Possibly a lot of cussin!!! Any way if anyone out there wants a really good dry scraper- i would certainly recommend it as a top quality tool.

Perfection incarnate
Reviewed By: Vaughn Terpack
from Hodges, South Carolina…USA
     March 4

When I met Darry Wood at the Rivercane Gathering in Unicoi State Park (North Georgia, USA) I saw the quality of his craftsmanship firsthand. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone that approached his level, and I doubt I ever will.

It wasn’t long after meeting him that Darry gifted me with one of his fine dry-scraping tools. I was flabbergasted when I saw how much easier it made removing hair and grain. Compared to the leaf-spring fiasco I built, it was Mana from Heaven.

Unfortunately, Darry has stepped out of the tool-making end of tanning. Fortunately, Mac Maness has stepped in. Like Darry, Mac is a great craftsman who knows what a tanner needs to work hides successfully. And like Darry, Mac puts his all into building a quality product.

For a dry-scraper, I cannot recommend this design highly enough. I know the original designer and I know the current maker and they are both top shelf. Buy one or two or three and you will not be sorry.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in


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