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These mill-planer blades (recycled from logging mills) make the best scraping tools because of their extremely high quality steel. Once properly dulled, you won’t need to mess with the edge for the next 100 hides (which probably means your lifetime). Your scraper is the most important tool in your kit and is used for fleshing, graining and membraning.

Use: This tool is crucial for wetscraping, and very useful for just about everything else…

  • Wetscraping: used in all of the scraping steps.
  • Dryscraping: typically used for fleshing and membraning.
  • Furs: used for fleshing and membraning.
  • Rawhide & bark tanning: used for slipping the hair and epidermis.

Specs: The blades are 15″ long by 1″ wide by 1/8″ thick.

Cons: These blades come with simple rubber handles that are in no way fancy. We use them because they work very well, you don’t need anything better and they allow us to keep this tool inexpensive. If you want something fancier you can always replace the handles.


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Buy this scraper!
Reviewed By: Susan from Townsend,
     January 1 2001

First time user & I am sold on this tool. It has exactly the right heft, draw & tear. I thought maybe it wouldn’t be comfortable for a woman: WRONG!! It’s perfect for either gender. At twice the price it would be worth it! Thanks, for such an excellent


Best Tool for the Job
Reviewed By: Andrew Christian
from Arcata, California
     March 19

In my opinion the Wetscraper/Flesher offered here is best tool for the job of fleshing. It is a very comfortable length for the distance between the hands. It allowed me good control and speed. I like also that it is very basic. A recycled planer blade with new intent. And Matt is right, once the corner dulls up its perfect! I had to be careful at first to avoid cutting. I wrapped my own handles over the hose too. A good durable tool. I think you could split shakes with it in a pinch. Thank you Matt and Michelle for making all these great tools available at braintan.com! Best tools, best prices.

Wetscraper/Flesher works great!
Reviewed By: Chris
from Washington
     March 4

After using an old scraper that my Dad had, I decided to purchase a Wetscraper/Flesher and I’m sure glad I did! It worked great on getting all of that stubborn grain and is a solid tool to work with. The rubber grips are comfortable and only bleed a little bit of black onto your hands but I found that to be not a problem. If you don’t have access to quality fleshing tools, this is the way to go as it is a great asset in tanning.

Best tool for the job
Reviewed By: Dan Aitchison
from Ridgefield, CT
     April 23, 2008

I had been using a home made scraping tool, but decided to shell out a few bucks and try this one. Well worth the minimal cost of this tool…it is comfortable, reliable, and works extremely well. I would suggest it to the new and the well seasoned buckskinners, it’s a must for the job

Recommended wetscraping resources:

  • Deerskins into Buckskins by Matt Richards. America’s best selling tanning book, with clear step-by-step instructions on everything from acquiring, storing, and tanning hides, to caring for and crafting with your finished buckskin.
  • Deerskins into Buckskins: the moviemore than two hours of detailed, expert, step-by-step instruction that helps you see how to do each step.
  • Softening Cable, the most useful softening tool.
  • Pumice, for removing excess membrane, blemishes and softening the surface texture.
  • KOH, wood-ash lye equivalent (potassium hydroxide).

Other dryscraping resources:

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