Brain Tanning Bison Robes The Native American Way - DVD



Now on DVD!

On DVD, by Larry Belitz, 52 minutes

  • Larry is the expert on traditional Native American Buffalo use
  • Contains how-to information, but isn’t intended to be a “complete how-to”
  • Covers tanning with the head-skin attached

Larry Belitz, master Buffalo hide tanner, films and interviews a traditional Cree tanner as he takes a Buffalo hide from start to finish using only traditional tools. This video does a good job covering: skinning cuts, lacing into frame, fleshing, softening tools and techniques, sewing legs to neck for best finished shape, and cleaning and brushing the fur.

I wished it had shown the working end of the fleshing tool, and explained why the hide doesn’t need to be thinned (the answer, according to Larry, is that in the old days they only tanned robes out of smallish (6 ft X 6 ft), naturally thin hides, that didn’t need to be thinned).

If you are interested in traditional Native American Buffalo robe tanning, you’ll want this video (and Housler’s). If you are primarily interested in just getting that hair-on Buffalo tanned and useful, this video will give you additional information and techniques, but if you could only get one, I’d recommend Housler’s.



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