Plains Style Hi Top Moccasins



The Indians of the Plains & Plateau wore the basic hard-sole type moccasin, of which this high top moccasin, or boot, is a variation & very popular on the Southern Plains & in the southwest. The rawhide sole was developed out of necessity as protections from the hard & often rocky ground of the prairie and desert that was their home. Normally constructed of soft tanned buckskin or elk
uppers & leggings and supple, but tough, rawhide soles, they represent the most highly refined form of Native American footwear ever developed. Today they remain a popular style of boot-moccasin and are comfortable and durable for dancing, camping or everyday wear.

Many styles of construction, decoration and other subtle variations such as beadwork patterns, exist from tribe to tribe. Many times these subtle differences even existed within the same tribe, but between various craft workers. Since the Cheyenne moccasin makers have for years been the acknowledged masters of the art, we have chosen to present techniques of construction that are typically Cheyenne, while also covering styles worn by the Kiowa, Comanche & Arapaho. A similar type of footwear is also popular on the Northern Plains among tribes such as the Crow; however, this is a different style and is not covered in this pattern. Developed by Nellie Stevens, Barry Hardin, and Carl Jennings.

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