Frock Coat Use for Metis Coats



This is the closest pattern we have found to the well loved and often requested Metis Coat. The Metis were the mixed blood descendents of French trapper/voyageurs and Native Americans in the region north of the Great Lakes. They combined native and European clothing styles to create their own distinct and stunning garments.

This pattern is not exactly cut like the originals, so you’ll have to use historic photos and descriptions in combination with this pattern to make it authentic (example: original coats did not have the back yoke…which is easy to leave out in this pattern). The important and tough parts such as the pleats, length and sleeves are done the same.

This pattern is knee length with pointed front and back yokes, flaps over inset front pockets at waistline, and high center back vent with inverted pleats on each side. Fits chest sizes 34-44″. Lola Gentry Western Patterns

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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