Beauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts



By Joseph D. Horse Capture and George P. Horse Capture, 159 pages

From the back cover:

Beauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts represents a powerful collaboration between two great museums – the National Museum of the American Indian/Smithsonian Institution, and The Minneapolis Institute of Arts – and two curators, father and son members of the A’aninin Indian Tribe of Montana. George Pl Horse Capture, and his son, Joseph D. Horse Capture, bring different insights to this project as they explore new relationships among the shirts, the shirt makers, the historians and scholars, and the audience of Indians and non-Indians alike.

“Plains Indian people greatly admired the power and the beauty of these shirts,” says George P. Horse Capture. “We regard them with that same admiration today, and we take this opportunity to emphasize their deep cultural meaning, the remarkable skill of the artisans who made them, and the importance of the people who earned the right to wear them.”

Now you are invited to enter this world.

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