A Quillwork Companion by Jean Heinbuch



By Jean Heinbuch, 92 pages

Not since William C. Orchard?s 1917 classic has a book of this importance to the art of porcupine quill decoration been made available. This book is destined to become the definitive source on this exciting, unique American art form. The author, an expert at her craft, describes and illustrates all of the basic and advanced designs used by the American Indian. The text is easy to understand and each step has been fully illustrated with diagrams, figures and photographs. Also included are many of the secrets of the art that allow the reader to create truly beautiful quillwork. After an examination of the basic tools and stitches, the zigzag, simple band, single thread line, quill wrapping and quill plaiting techniques are described and explained. With this background the craftsman is taken step-by-step through the production of such advanced techniques as two quill zigzag, two quill triangle, two quill diamond, three quill double diamond, multiple quill plaiting, checker weave, single thread saw tooth, zigzag edging, wrapped fill edging and the techniques used in the creation of rosettes. In addition, birch bark and loom quillwork are explained and extensive appendices covering the preparation of rawhide and brain tanned leather and a much needed explanation of old time dyes for porcupine quills are included. With over 200 illustrations and photographs in color, and black and white, this is a fine addition to the field of arts and crafts and a must for the traditionally oriented craftsman.

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