Bags & Things

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Both of these bags are very popular styles. 

The large one is a 10′ X 11″ shoulder bag, with a long overhanging flap and a divider that splits the interior into two compartments. The bag has a 2″ gusset which increases its holding capacity. The strap is an eleven strand crocodile ridge braid (an Argentine cowboy invention). Its a great braid for a bag that can hold so much weight, because it is stable and won’t twist. The edging on the flap is a whip stitch that comes back on itself, forming an ‘X’ pattern. It secures closed with a deer antler crown.

The smaller bag is a neck bag decorated with beadwork, pipestone and tin cones. It has a corded neck band and measures 3½ X 2½.

These hock skin bags are made of elk hocks, the lower leg skin above the hooves, which have been dried hair-on. The stiff hock allows for a sturdy bag that will stand up on its own. The bag cinches closed with corded brain tan tasseled at the end and decorated with deer hooves. 

Small bag measures 16″ high and 27″ around (the size of a tall, paper lunch sack. The larger bag is 25″ tall and 42″ around (a small suitcase).

These bags are favorites as purses. Their average size is 6″ X 8″ (not including fringe). They have a five stranded braid and long twisted fringe. Both have an inner pocket and whipped edging along the flap, which forms an ‘X’. 

The beaded flap is half the size of the bag, with the weight of the beadwork holding the flap down. The beaded flower design is attached to the flap with the decorative herringbone stitch.

The plain flap is ¾ the size of the bag and secures closed with a deer antler crown.