Clothing Designs

Buckskin garments are designed for your everyday comfort as well as good looks. I individually tailor all clothing for a custom fit and offer a variety of stitches to choose from. Our clothes are put together with durable buckskin lacing or sinew, unless otherwise specified. Buttons are made of abalone shell or deer antler.

When I make a custom garment, I create through measurements, photos and sizing a three dimensional idea of what the person’s body is like, how they will wear their clothes comfortably and so forth. This includes considering factors like the curves in the body, how the shoulders sit, etc. Once a pattern has been developed, I make a cloth proto-type to see how it hangs. Hides are then selected with regards to the customers desires for thickness and color, and rinsed. Rinsing reduces the smokey smell and also lets the hide settle into its natural shape. Then comes the cutting. Lacing is dampened and stretched out, so as to reduce any stretching in the finished product. Then the lace is pulled through hand placed awl holes. By the time you receive your garment it has been lovingly touched all over (unless I got frustrated). 

I create period, traditional and modern garments. In essence, design is only limited by the imagination – anything is possible! Take a look at some of our finished designs by clicking a category below.