Traditional Clothing of the Native Americans by Evard H. Gibby



By Evard H. Gibby, 166 pages

A new and exciting book for those interested in traditional Native American dress and for anyone who has wanted to use their own deerskins and other animal skins in either a traditional modern manner. The information contained in this volume is both extensive and fascinating!

This book first explores the traditional dress of Native Americans in the nine major cultural areas of North America, with an emphasis on everyday or work clothes. Individual items of clothing are then discussed in detail. Among the many items included are skirts and aprons from a variety of materials, dresses of many styles, capotes, robes, breechclouts, leggings, shirts, breastplates, hats, moccasins and sandals. Selected pieces of dress clothing primarily from the Plains, are also discussed. Included are drawings, patterns and ideas for making replicas of primitive clothing. There is also a section on how some people currently live in buckskin year round. “Buckskin Today” describes clothing made in modern times in both period and modern styles. Most of the items in this section were submitted to the author by others and there is a wide range of ideas (from one skin skirts to fur mittens and hats to modern buckskin jackets and coats) and explanations of how they were done. In addition, there are tips for sewing and cleaning buckskin. “Tanning Buckskins and Fur” emphasizes Indian brain tanning methods including dry-scrape and wet-scrape techniques. Other methods include Ivory soap buckskin and acid tanning techniques. Extensive research makes this book a very useful reference for anyone interested in Native American or self-reliant life styles, as well as for those who attend pow wows and rendezvous.

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