The Tanning Spirit DVD



A video by Mel Beattie, 45 minutes

See how to do the major steps

  • Recommended if you don’t have access to hands-on instruction
  • Helps you see how to do each step of the wet-scrape process
  • Valuable learning tool, but lacks the detail to be used as your only

If you don’t have the opportunity to take a class or work with someone more
experienced, watching this video will show you what a book can’t. Mel’s hides
are so even, soft and beautiful, that they inspired a whole generation to switch
to the wet-scrape method.

His depiction of braining and softening wet-scrapes is over-simplified
(through no fault of his, he was actually doing something to the hides that he
wasn’t aware was greatly affecting them – which he doesn’t show in the video. If
you take a fresh hide, and tan it exactly the way he shows it will not normally
come out soft — though now Mel includes an info sheet that fills in the blanks).
Despite this, it is very helpful to look over the shoulders of
this master tanner and see the motions of scraping, wringing, softening etc. Get
this video with Deerskins
into Buckskins
or Wet-scrape
Braintanned Buckskin


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Great Video! A Must have for tanners all!
Reviewed By: Chris
from Washington State
     March 20

I bought the Tanning Spirit Video and am sure glad I did. The video is great.
Mel Beattie takes you through the entire process of making buckskin and does so
simply and thoroughly. You almost feel like your standing there beside him
looking on. There are great video shots that really show you what you need to
look for, such as getting that infernal grain off and what to look for when
softening. This is a plus to have if you are a beginner and need visual
referencing and also could be helpful to masters too.

I recommend this for everyone.

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