Brain Tanned Deer Hides
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Brain Tanned Deer Hides

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Deer are the most versatile and most widely used hide. They come in a wide variety of thicknesses, and have a very strong, durable fiber structure; yet are extremely soft. They can be used for everything from a fine flowing dress, to moccasins or rifle cases.



#1 deer hides cost $18 a square foot, which typically equates to $180 to $252, though we have hides of all sizes. We always smoke our hides in matched pairs so that the colors match. All holes are sewn flat and nearly invisible.

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#2 deer hides have numerous holes and/or are oddly shaped. They are great for cutting up into small pouches, buckskin laces, or for doing beadwork on. #2's are $12 a square foot.


          Scraps are also available at $12 a sq. ft.


Ordering Your Hides

If you already know what you want, you can Order online!
If you're not sure, we recommend giving us a call at 888 Hide-Tan (888 443-3826), as that is the easiest way to discuss your needs. We'll figure most of this out over the phone, but you can be better prepared by first thinking about these questions:

  • What do you plan to make with these hides?
  • Do you want thin, medium or thick (moccasin weight) hides?
  • Which of these smoke colors, best approximates, the color that you want?
White yellowish golden
golden brown brown dark bronze


Black Walnut Hull Dyeing

We can dye your hides a milk chocolate to nearly black color using black walnut hull powder. We charge $10 per hide for the service. The nature of tannin dyes always leaves the hides a little tighter and less stretchy.

  Here's how to contact us:

Traditional Tanners
3303 Dick George Rd
Cave Junction OR 97523
888 Hide-Tan
(888 443-3826)

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