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(Short version: It was hosted on another company's servers,
they got bought, things got screwy, we're trying to retrieve it).




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What is The Hide Out?

The Hide Out is acommunity devoted to helping you with traditional tanning methods, leather craft and related arts such as:

  • Brain Tanning
  • Bark Tanning
  • Alum Tawing
  • Rawhide
  • Par-fleche
  • Leather crafting
  • Using the Whole Critter
  • Dying Hides

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Who is The Hide Out?

The Hide Out!'s regular participants include 'professional' tanners, crafts-people, researchers and regular folks from around the world, who share an interest in traditional tanning or leather craft. It is organized (using the term loosely) by Matt Richards. Some praise and most cussing can be directed at him. He is also the host of, the author of Deerskins into Buckskins, a brain tanner by trade and a frequent skinny dipper.

The Hide Out! has existed in several forms since January 1998. In that time, an incredible amount of high-quality information and some low quality jokes have been exchanged. We upgraded to the current software so that this knowledge can be better organized and easy to reference. Looking for the earlier version's archives?

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