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Tanning Workshops, Presentations, Lectures, & Consulting

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Sample topics:
l  Brain Tan Buckskin: with modern hand-tools. Students take a hide from start to finish through the tanning process, and keep the results of their work. This can be taught as a two or three day class.
l  “Stone Tool” Brain Tanning: with the stone, bone or wood tools of pre-contact Native Americans. Students learn how to efficiently make and use these traditional tools to take their hides from start to finish through the tanning process. Results are just as good as with modern tools, but with about 20% more effort. This can be taught as a two or three day class.
Rawhide, Bark-tan & Brain-tan: Learn how to make each of these traditional skin products by taking a hide from start to finish through each process. 5 days.
Moccasins, Pouches & Buckskin Clothing: Learn the ins and outs of working with brain tan buckskin while creating your own custom item.
Presentations, Lectures and Consulting: Any of the above topics plus the early history of tanning, analysis of old leathers, Neolithic and Paleolithic tanning tools.

Custom workshop clients have included:
Karuk Tribe (California), Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy (Oregon), Boulder Outdoor Survival School (Idaho & Arizona), Earthskills (Georgia), Northern Lights (British Columbia, Canada), Earth Knack (Colorado).

Transforming a hide from raw skin to velvety soft buckskin is remarkable and satisfying!
For more information on custom workshops, presentations, lectures & consulting, please call us toll free at 1-888-HideTan or email

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