Ordering Information
Garments are priced based upon the amount of buckskin used, and the time it takes to create the garment. Below you will find a general idea of the cost of various buckskin items. It is a rough idea only in the sense that there are many variables which determine pricing. These variables include: your size (takes more or less buckskin), how complicated the design is, types of stitching, and the amount of fringe. Prices are based on an average sized person and basic stitching. And remember, this is merely a sampling, design is only limited by the imagination.
Anything is Possible!
Vest $450
Fringed Jacket $1250
Long Dress $850
Fringed Sun Dress $850
Long Sleeve Shirt $900
Purse $125
Beaded Purse $185
Shoulder Bag $275
Beaded Neck Pouch $70
Large Hock Skin Bag $325
Small Hock Skin Bag $175
Sizing for the garments require measurements and photos of yourself, but we'll talk about that later after you call.
In the spirit of the primitive,

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